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The Beer

Our brew system was small, very small. We've upgraded, but it's still small...a 3.5 BBL system. We plan on capitalizing on this by creating very original small batches of beer. We plan on keeping five regular beers on tap and having fun with any others. I want to be able to create whatever comes into my head the night before and whatever someone has convinced me is worth trying. Folks will be encouraged to come in with recipes and/or ingredients...we will do our best to give them a try.
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Here are the beers on tap at the moment:

Our Flagship Beers:

"Steffie's Heffe": A traditional Heffeweizen brewed in the tradition of “Reinheitsgebot” allowing only for water, malt and hops.  In this ale, only pilsner and wheat malts are used.  Bittered with Galena hops for a light citrus kick and traditional Northern brewer hops.  The Bavarian yeast gives this guy some pleasant clove and banana notes. “Es ist sehr net!"

"Very Nice Pale Ale": Easy drinking ale, not too hoppy but enough to make it interesting with a tinge of citrus from the Galena and Cascade hops. This is a well balanced beer designed to be no more or no less than Very Nice.

"Royal We IPA": A more balanced IPA with some west coast IPA style funkiness. We use Citra, Cascade, Galena, and Northern Brewer hops and then add the funkiness of the Summithop through dry hopping. The Galena gives it a refreshing citrus bite, balanced out by the more floral, moderatebitterness of the Cascade hop. The body is attributed to a slight amount of crystal malt used in this refreshing IPA.

"Monk's Phunk": Our first flagship beer. Our version of the traditional trappist style of beer. Light on the hops, heavy on the grain and honey. This is a sipping beer that one usually detects an immediate sweetness that mellows out into more of a drier taste. It has the signature milky caramel finish of the Trappist strain of yeast.

"Fuggly & Brown": Mono-hopped and named after the earthy and mildly citrus hop, Fuggles. A malty beer with low hop aroma and bitterness, brewed in the tradition of an English brown. Some slight fruity esters. Traditionally, brown sugar would be used, but we stuck with our locally sourced honey instead, lightening up the body and contributing some slightly floral notes. A very mellow ale at 5.9% ABV.

"The Logical Fallacy": A stout in every way except IBU. An India Black Ale (IBA). Our guess of what may have been shipped around the horn of Africa to stout-loving British soldiers in India. Starts with an immediate smokiness followed by the familiar bitter of the extended hops bill. Then balanced by the more complex sugars found in honey not being fully processed into alcohol by the yeast. Thus exposing the logical fallacy that stouts cannot be heavily hopped.

Premium / Limited Beers:

"Very Ned Nice": Oh man! It's that time again!!! Freaking YES!! Freaking YES!!!! NEDFEST! To celebrate, we've created "Very Ned Nice", specially brewed for Nedfest. A seriously gingered American Wheat with some spicy orange built right in. Formulated to keep the hula hooping! Go nuts and garnish with a fresh orange if you really want to treat yourself!

"Very Nice Reaction": A collaboration with Chain Reaction Brewing. It's a strong Belgian Blonde at 9% ABV. Decadent and Refreshing went at each other all night long and when they woke up, there was the "Very Nice Reaction"! We took bitter and sweet orange and gave it a very gentle edge with Coriander and Fennel.

"Make It So" Earl Grey IPA: Bringing back the "Make it So" Earl Grey IPA. I brewed this in honor of the coolest bald guy ever. Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise D and E. He became Borg for a little bit but who doesn't act a little robotic once in a while? NO LONGER ON TAP, BUT WE HAVE BOMBERS STILL!

"Sin-Ger": 1/2 Steffie's Heffe, 1/2 Ginger Ale...a refreshing blend!

Watch for....

Seasonals: We love all the seasons Colorado has to offer and will devote beers to them as we go. Seasonal beers will feature ingredients available during the season they represent and we will try to convey the feeling the season imparts.

“Crazy Local” Brews: These will be brews dreamed up by local patrons from across the bar. We will try our best to brew up what our customers can dream up. Find a ton of wild strawberries? Bring ‘em in! Spruce fronds? Bring 'em in! These brews will be about our neighbors participating in the Very Nice Brewing Company.

................ drinking our "charity" beers, you helped us donate $6,460 to date that has been distributed among the following:

Aspen Grove Preschool (Nederland, CO)

Backdoor Theater (Nederland, CO)

Carousel of Happiness (Nederland, CO)

Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue (statewide)

Let's Buy Nederland Feed and Supply! (Nederland, CO)

Peak to Peak Healthy Communities (Nederland, CO)

Peak to Peak Music Education Association (Nederland, CO)

PPHCP-Miles Pancoast Family (Nederland, CO)

Rebuild Jamestown (Jamestown, CO)

Ruth Is A Badass

Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence (Boulder, CO)

Sophia DuBose Family

Wild Bear Ecological Center (Nederland, CO)

& also individuals in need!

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