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It's Very Nice

Two Locations

Very Nice Brewing is a small batch craft brewery.  We opened our doors on October 25, 2012 in the beautiful mountain town of Nederland, Colorado where the motto is “life is better up here”.  


Our brews are a reflection of the passion, experimentation and dedication of a home brewer who followed his dream of creating amazing beer to be served in a family-friendly, pub-like atmosphere. Jeff, with his wife Susan, accomplished that and more with the tasty brews, friendly ambience, and mountain-folk hospitality found in the tap room.   

The love for our community keeps us giving back through our charity beer program.  To date we’ve donated over $23,000 to local charities and individuals in need.  We’ll also help however we can with food drives, clothing drives, and special events to help our local non-profits. 

We now have two locations! Nederland, our flagship location, and Gilpin, our new tasting room and larger brewing facility. 


Very Nice Puppies!

Very Nice welcomes you to bring your dog to our tap room!  But please follow our simple rules for the safety, consideration, and enjoyment of all of our patrons:

  • Dogs must be leashed and in your control at all times.

  • Dogs must be well behaved and quiet.

  • Dogs are not allowed to block aisles and are not allowed on our tables. 


Gluten Reduced Beers 

Wheat, rye, barley…the stuff that beer is made of…contains gluten, which can wreak havoc in folks that have Celiac disease.  Although we do not brew gluten-free beers (that use gluten-free malted grains such as corn, quinoa, buckwheat, and sorghum, to name a few), we are able to brew gluten-reduced beers with the traditional ingredients such as barley, wheat, spelt, rye, and other gluten-containing ingredients, but with the addition of an enzyme called AN-PEP or Aspergillus Niger Prolyl Endoprotease.  This enzyme breaks the gluten down to under 20 parts per million and only targets the gluten proteins….so flavor and aroma are not affected.   We have a great selection of gluten-reduced beers for you to try, you'll find they are Very Nice! 

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