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Founder and Head Brewer

With the philosophy of “I’d rather have a life of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what ifs’”, Jeff followed his dream of creating Very Nice Brewing Company.  His passion for the art of brewing craft beer and his desire to create a pub-like atmosphere to enjoy his creations have come together beautifully…the Very Nice tap room is family-friendly, community oriented, a place for all to share stories of their day and form new friendships, all while enjoying delicious locally brewed craft beer.   



Founder and Tap Room Operations 

Jeff is joined in this adventure with his partner and wife, Susan.  Recognizing Jeff’s passion for brewing, she didn’t hesitate to say “yes” when he proposed opening a brewery (and marriage!), both taking place in 2012.  A few months after getting hitched at the historic Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, Very Nice Brewing was born.  You will often see Susan in the tap room slinging beers and hosting potlucks, fundraisers, chili cook-offs, open mics, vinyl nights, live music and more! 


Very Nice Puppies!

Very Nice welcomes you to bring your dog to our tap room!  But please follow our simple rules for the safety, consideration, and enjoyment of all of our patrons:

  • Dogs must be leashed and in your control at all times.

  • Dogs must be well behaved and quiet.

  • Dogs are not allowed to block aisles and are not allowed on our tables. 


Very Nice Beer Soaps
& Lotion Bars

Susan is always cooking up new things for the brewery. Besides welcoming you to the tap room, she also creates incredible soaps and lotion bars - from beer. Yep. Locally sourced goat's milk, herbs, and of course, Very Nice beer, make these skin-softening soaps and lotion bars. 

One local potter says "I don't know what I did before you started creating these lotion bars, they have saved my hands!" 

These are usually available in the tap room for purchase. 

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