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On Tap

Our Flagship Beers

Very Nice Kveik

Crisp, clean and refreshing!  The Very Nice Kveik is just as it is advertised.  It’s Very Nice! Traditional honey tones imparted by the yeast with just a touch of sweetness leftover from the malt for complexity. Think a Norwegian take on the traditional American Lager.  Perfect for the end of the work day ritual with friends and washes down a slice of pizza like no other!

ABV:     5.6%   

IBU:      10

Gluten Reduced

Very Nice Pale Ale

Brewed to be simply Very Nice. An easy and balanced ale strong with aromas of lemon and lime, melon, peach, and tangerine. Secondary notes include coconut, lemongrass, and candied fruit. Some folks even notice hints of pineapple. Mostly featuring the Cashmere hop, but joined with Citra hop for more complexity. Brewed with a very nice light body, perfect for summertime sipping.

ABV:     6.5%   

IBU:      33

Gluten Reduced

Royal We IPA

Huge hop forward character delivered with a double dry hop of Enigma, Citra, and Mosaic. This provides a beautiful grapefruit and orange essence characteristic of the American IPA.  The body is kept light with only a small amount of crystal malt to allow the hop bouquet and flavor to shine through. Early additions of Centennial hops balance out the hop forward with an appropriate bitter background.

ABV:     7.2%   

IBU:      70

Gluten reduced

Logical Fallacy

This beer challenges the Logical Fallacy that says if a beer is a stout, it shouldn’t be bittered. We brew it with generous hop additions of Hallertauer and Centennial.  This hop bill is challenged with the smokiness of black patent malt, coffee tones of chocolate malt, and a decadent mixture of caramel malts.  This is a unique stout that will make you look deep into this beer, and lose yourself in its complicated malty taste and intense oil like blackness.  Add an espresso tweek for $1.

ABV:     5.6%   

IBU:      53

Gluten reduced


On Tap

Premium / Limited Beers

Cherry Sizzlah

Cherry Sizzlah immediately hits you with the aroma of locally roasted poblano playing with dark chocolate and toasty coffee imparted by traditional stout malts.  When tasting, the chili is subdued and ultimately complimented by tart Montmorency cherry from Door County, Wisconsin, imparting a slightly sour note.  All this combined with the robust stout mouth feel makes this a roasty/toasty decadent reward after Colorado winter adventures. The name is an homage to the “Jerry Sizzler” characters created by “The Kids in the Hall” comedy troupe.  The name seemed appropriate as it just sounds cool and the uniqueness of this beer is a shout out to the uniqueness of their hilarious and thought-challenging comedy.

ABV:     5.2%   

IBU:      26

Gluten reduced


Introducing “X”, our 10 year anniversary beer!! Deep tones of pure cacao sourced from farms throughout Colombia and Ecuador meet Door County Wisconsin Cherries combined with a deep winter warmer of a stout imparting roasty and slight coffee undertones. Meant for gathering around a rocky mountain cabin’s hearth and sipping with a friend.

ABV:     5.7%   

IBU:      53

Gluten reduced

Monk's Phunk

Strong ale named after a strong woman!  Our brewer’s dear mother! This recipe is crafted as a tribute to the tradition the Monk’s started in Belgium over a thousand years ago. It includes lots of Munich, various crystal malt, and a shot of chocolate malt, giving it a deep burgundy color and a heavenly rich caramel taste that literally would bring people to cathedrals in Europe. It has enlightening fruity esters from the Belgian yeast as well as divine sweetness from a gallon (12 lbs) of wild Colorado honey per barrel. 

ABV:     9%   

IBU:      23

Gluten reduced

Greener's Gruit

Gruit is an ancient style of beer. So ancient it pre-dates hops arriving in Europe. Once Christian institutions deemed some of the gruit’s ingredients too dangerous to the souls of the pagans, they gradually introduced hops, which was known at the time as a libido blocker resulting in the term, “brewers droop” (google it).


This Gruit contains lemon balm, yarrow, and rose petals. All very innocuous compared to some of the herbs used by pagans which could be psychotropic in many cases.  It will probably not taste like any ale you have had before. It will even be unique to other gruits due to a wide variety of herbs the brewer may use.


For Greener’s Gruit, the yarrow is the bittering agent and used very carefully in the whirlpool to not be overwhelming.  Small amounts of lemon balm and rose petal are also added to the whirlpool to increase the complexity and depth of the flavoring herbs.  Lastly, copious amounts of the rose petal and lemon balm are “dry-herbed” to slowly draw the essence from the herbs adding a delightful citrus and floral bouquet for aroma and flavor.


This recipe is a passion project for the brewer and quite possibly the most challenging ale he has ever worked on as herb infusions are notoriously complex and difficult to get right.


With all that being said,  we invite you to enjoy an adventurous pint and party like it’s 999!

ABV:     5.6%   

IBU:      Unknown

Gluten reduced

Hop Kuh-Vake

We researched all over on the proper way to say Kveik. We even received videos from generous Norwegians saying it. Turns out it is said differently all around the country. The pronunciations can be as different as "You All" and "Y'all" to put it in a more relatable light.  We settled on one gentleman’s suggestion, its like saying Quake but replace the “W” sound with a V and you got it! So! We shall call it “Hop KUH-VAKE”!! The Kveik strand of yeast finishes super clean with just slight citrus aroma. Then we combine Idaho 7 and Strata hops and make this beer burst with tropical fruit flavors and the heady aromas of tangerine citrus and sweet cannabis. At a mellow ABV of 5.8% it drinks nice and light.

ABV:     5.8%   

IBU:      0

Gluten reduced

Spruce Willis

This beer was crafted to remind one of the feeling you get ten paces into a Rocky Mountain snowshoe. Aged on real Spruce tips harvested up in northern Colorado. The base is a classic English ale combining 2-row, biscuit malt, and a hint of caramel. Hopped lightly so as not to overshadow the spruce with classic English fuggle hops. A collaboration with our friends over at Busey Brews. 

ABV:     6.3%   

IBU:      26

Gluten reduced


A refreshing blend of our Very Nice Kveik (Lager) and ginger beer!

ABV:     3.0%   

IBU:      ?


Available in 22oz Bombers

What is Kveik Yeast?

As is often the case, what’s old is new again and for many brewers kveik is proving to be no different. To put it simply, kveik (think “kuh-vake”, as a native speaker would pronounce it––not “kwike”) is a traditional Norwegian word for a type of ancient, domesticated yeast. After many generations of home-brewers cultivating it and passing it down, this hardy yeast has begun making a name for itself on a much larger scale.

Where most of today’s brewers utilize modern methods in order to carefully isolate yeast strains for specific flavor profiles, historically, those brewing with kveik relied upon a decidedly different fermentation process. Cultures between different towns could vary widely, and as a result, traditional kveik would likely contain a blend of strains sourced from many different brewers. While some commercial brewers using kveik have changed to keep up with demand, many have continued to use those same tried and true techniques.

Most notably, kveik has proven to be an extremely resilient yeast...kveik ferments not only at extremely high temperatures (up to about 110ºF), but also at significantly higher alcohol concentrations. Where other yeasts would produce odd flavors or die, it’s under these conditions that kveik’s magic happens.  Kveik also produces a variety of flavors depending on the temperature at which it’s fermented.

Because of its high heat tolerance, the chemical reactions occurring during fermentation do so very quickly, making kveik quite the time-efficient yeast for brewing. For instance, Lars Garshol reports of one extreme example in which dried and dormant kveik had begun visibly fermenting within 30 minutes. Also, kveik can be easily dried and reused, allowing cultures to be preserved even after the batch is complete.


Most of our beers are “gluten reduced”.  What does this mean?  We use a product called ClarityFerm, it is an enzyme. Theoretically it reduces the levels of gluten down to less than 5PPM which is well below the international standard of 20PPM. However, having each batch tested is far too costly so we do not claim gluten free, only crafted for gluten reduction.
The enzyme is extracted from Aspergillus Nigerus.  Commonly know as bread mold.  Bread mold is very good at cleaving up gluten and uses the enzyme to do it.   The enzyme is very similar to Amylase, the enzyme that all brewing depends on.  Amylase breaks down starch and turns it into Glucose (sugar).  The enzyme from the ClarityFerm is just specific to gluten.

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